Can You Fight a Traffic Ticket Online?

Before you are even faced with a court appearance, take into consideration any mechanical elements that may have, or could have, had some bearing on your resulting ticket. If there is anything that could be documented as malfunctioning, you may find a sympathetic judge who enjoys giving stern warnings. You would be surprised how often this works.

How to get started with Bitcoin | MyCurrencyTransferTVAlways plead not guilty, or always fight the citation. If your violation is serious enough that you have to appear before a judge in traffic court, be certain to plead not guilty. This is the only way to buy time in order to make the system work for you. Pleading not guilty is the first step. It’s how the system works.

Never feel bad about professing your innocence, even though you may have blatantly committed the violation.

Make an effort to befriend the officer that issued the ticket. This might seem like a hard pill to swallow, but if the officer feels that you are genuinely concerned, and remorseful for what you have done, you have created a valuable ally in your quest to bury the traffic ticket. Don’t overdo it, you will never be this persons best friend. Just stress that you are not the enemy.

Use downtime prior to your court appearance to learn the system. Without being pushy, go out of your way to get to know the clerks. They absolutely love taking about their jobs, and they love anyone who is eager to listen. It’s important to make friends at this stage.

Catching more flies with honey is a phrase that rings true.

Use your new friendships in the system to ask for a continuance. You will ask for more, but make the first one work. It’s important that you do anything to postpone this first court appearance. Make a doctors appointment that you can verify. The more you can document, the easier this will be.
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This is really not about buying you time. It’s about getting lost in the cracks.

Getting the second continuance is not critical but it helps. Number two will most likely take you at least 3 months out. Statistically the system is tired of you by now, and several things may happen.

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