Reliable Reseller Hosting Provider for 2011

There are many hosting plans that are available in the market today. One of the most common hosting plans in the market is the shared server plan. This is where there are many clients sharing the same server resources. So what is reseller hosting? This is a variant of shared server hosting where the account owner divides the server resources; the disk space and the bandwidth to host other subaccounts or domains. These sub accounts may be assigned to other clients (resell) or be used to host other sites that belong to the same account holder (host multiple sites of the same owner). In the effect that the accounts belong to persons other than the principal owner, then a situation of reseller web hosting plan is realized. There are many web hosting companies that offer this type of web hosting plans in the market today.

There are those properties that have made some of the reseller web hosting companies stand out from the rest. Issues such reliability, consistency, professionalism and trustworthiness in the practice of web hosting has made it possible to rank some of the reseller web hosting companies on top of the others. In this way therefore, there are those companies that can comfortably be rated as the most reliable reseller hosting provider for 2011. Topping the list according to is the HostGator Reseller. This reseller hosting company provides its clients with value added hosting services that have earned itself the position as the most reliable reseller hosting provider for 2011. This reseller hosting provider has been followed closely by other competent and reliable providers such as Lunarpages and Cirtex.

Some of the reasons that have made it possible for these reseller companies to command a high rating are the fact that they have other value addition packages that they provide their clients with. Some of these value additions include providing them with technical support, free and unlimited domains without mentioning free web designs at request. We cannot also fail to mention the fact that most of these high ranking reseller hosting companies also operate these services at reasonable prices that the clients are most comfortable with.

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